What better way to complete an outfit than with a dazzling diamond bracelet? It’s the perfect accessory to add bold flare, subtle sparkle, or something in between to your ensemble.

Even better, anyone can wear a diamond bracelet, no matter your age or style. With countless designs, carat sizes, and price points to choose from, there’s definitely a diamond bracelet for you. We cover a variety of styles below — take a look to find out which ones might enhance your jewelry collection.

The Different Types of Diamond Bracelets

Like other kinds of jewelry, there are myriad unique diamond bracelet styles and designs. However, you can classify them into four basic types: line bracelets, linked bracelets, bangles, and cuffs. We’ll explain the differences below.

Line Bracelets

The iconic line bracelet is what many people imagine when they think of the quintessential diamond bracelet. Also known as a tennis bracelet, this style is made up of many diamonds mounted in a row, and flexibly linked to drape around your wrist. You can’t go wrong with a simple one like this classic platinum style. For a slight twist on the traditional, we recommend a bracelet with alternating diamond cuts.

Linked Bracelets

Linked bracelets are always a classic, but when they’re embellished with diamonds, they truly make a statement. From modern oval links to vintage diamond bracelets, these designs can be worn singly or layered with a watch or other bracelets.


Unlike the flexible line and linked bracelets, a bangle is a style of bracelet that looks like a rigid circle. Look for a hinged design that that can open and close. This ensures a good fit without having to force the bracelet over your hand.

Diamond bangle bracelets leave a lot of room for creativity. Many exquisite and artful designs exist: bangles with detailed lettering; twisted in the form of a knot; or designed to look like feathers, leaves, and more. In addition to the popular delicate pavé bangle, Kwiat’s master craftspeople have created a few such designs.


A cuff is similar to a bangle, but with an opening and no clasp. While diamond line bracelets and bangles form the shape of the letter O, a cuff more closely resembles the letter C — it doesn’t fully encircle your wrist.

As with bangles, cuff bracelets may have hinges that make them easier to slide onto your wrist. Their rigid form also allows for creative and dramatic designs. For instance, you can find enchanting sculptural diamond cuffs with intricate shapes and details.

How to Style Diamond Bracelets

The versatility of diamond bracelets is ultimately what makes them a classic jewelry staple. Here are several ideas for how to wear yours.

  • Layer it with other bracelets. While you can do this with any diamond bracelet, layering is especially popular with sleek, stackable bangles.
  • Pair your diamond bracelet with a watch. Combine function with glamor by wearing your bracelet with your watch. This look works especially well with a tasteful luxury timepiece—but it’s not unheard of to wear a diamond bracelet with a smartwatch.
  • Wear it casually. Diamonds aren’t only for special occasions. A simple and minimal bracelet design makes a fine addition to any outfit, elevating your everyday look to casual chic.
  • Flaunt your diamond bracelet for a special occasion. Whether for a romantic date night, wedding, or another special event, these bracelets are perfect for adding elegance to your look.
  • Keep it simple. Let your bracelet shine on its own as your sole accessory. A bold cuff, with no other distractions, can be the epitome of chic minimalism.