Doing Engagement Ring Research in Advance

You’ve finally found the right match, that special someone who loves you completely and wants to build a future with you. You’re quite certain that you’ll be heading towards an engagement, even though he hasn’t popped the question just yet. First of all, congratulations! This time—the period before you head down the aisle to start your official life together as a couple—is truly an exciting one.

Since you suspect that he’ll be proposing marriage sometime soon, you’re probably also wondering how to guide your partner towards your ideal engagement ring. Kwiat has helped couples select diamond engagement rings for over 100 years, so we know exactly what to do in advance in order to steer him in the right direction before he makes this important purchase. Here are our most helpful tips, gleaned from a century of experience.

Browse Online

The best way to start familiarizing yourself with diamond rings is by browsing online and viewing multiple ring galleries. Here’s where you’ll be able to survey the range of diamond shapes, ring settings, and different designs available. There are options to suit every woman’s taste and individual style, from classic to vintage-inspired to fashion-forward choices. Be sure to note which engagement rings particularly catch your eye as you scroll through the galleries.




Choose a Shape

Decide on a favorite diamond shape, whether a more traditional cut like a round brilliant diamond, an antique-inspired cut like the cushion cut diamond, or something unique and less expected like a pear or heart-shaped diamond. Once you know which shape attracts you, you’ll be able to narrow down your focus considerably. This is also one of the most important pieces of information you can pass along to your partner when it’s time for him to buy your engagement ring.

Doing Engagement Ring Research in Advance

Find Your Size

It’s wise to know your ring size before your groom-to-be starts shopping in earnest. Most men don’t give much thought to their partner’s ring size until they begin the process of buying an engagement ring, so you’ll be doing him—and the jeweler that ultimately makes your ring—a favor if you communicate it clearly. If you’re uncertain of your ring size, any fine jewelry store should be able to help you by measuring either your finger or a ring you already own. All you need to do is ask.

Drop Subtle Hints

Drop Subtle Hints

While you could keep all of this to yourself and let your partner figure it out on his own, at Kwiat, we recommend sharing information with him. In our experience, most grooms-to-be would rather have some guidance when it comes to choosing an engagement ring for their beloved. After all, this is a very important purchase that he’ll want you to absolutely love! Offering subtle hints can be very useful for your partner. If you’re unsure about how to make your preferences known to him, we suggest reading our guide on how to drop clues. Armed with the right details, a little encouragement, and assistance from Kwiat’s trusted diamond experts, you can make purchasing an engagement ring a seamless process for him.


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