Does Diamond Size Matter? How Big Is Too Big?

Does diamond size matter? This is the question we’re asked most often, yet it is one of the most difficult to answer, since right and wrong do not apply. When it comes to choosing the size of a diamond, it simply depends on the individual who will be wearing the ring. At Kwiat, we feel that this highly personal choice should be determined through many factors, and that a bigger diamond isn’t always better. Here are some things to consider before you select a diamond size for an engagement ring.

Does Diamond Size Matter? How Big Is Too Big?


It’s important to consider a diamond size that will be comfortable to wear, both physically and emotionally. An engagement ring should be a happy reminder of your commitment to each other, and something that feels natural and easy to wear.


Think about what size diamonds the people nearest and dearest to her wear. Perhaps she has always admired the size of her friend’s, her sister’s, or her mother’s diamond ring. A diamond that’s not the same size as those of her friends and family—whether it’s significantly larger or smaller than theirs—might make her feel self-conscious around the other important people in her life.

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Your budget is another determining factor when you are choosing the diamond size for her engagement ring. It’s possible to afford a larger stone if you’re willing to compromise on the color or clarity of the diamond. Rest assured that the Kwiat Concierge will work with you to find the right balance of size, quality, and price that works for your budget.


Where you and your bride-to-be live is also a factor. What looks appropriate in a metropolitan hub or a suburb might not be suitable for a small town or rural area. Likewise, some cities are known for their embrace of exuberance and excess, while others have a reputation for being reserved.


Many women wear their engagement rings every day. Consider your partner’s lifestyle and work situation when deciding on the right diamond size for her ring. If she plans to wear it every day, she’ll need to be able to wear it comfortably at her place of employment and the social settings in which she usually finds herself. Keep in mind that some occupations and social environments are more conducive to jewelry than others.



Since you know your partner well, you’ve probably already figured out if there is a diamond ring she’s dreamed about. Some women prefer a more understated look. Others favor fine quality over a larger size. Yet other women feel that the sky is the limit when it comes to diamond size. As one of our treasured Kwiat clients once said, “the only diamond that’s too big is the one on someone else’s finger.”

Ultimately, in our century of experience, we’ve noted that diamond size definitely matters. While the vast majority of people who purchase engagement rings with Kwiat do prefer to buy a diamond that’s as large as their budget permits, it’s important to balance size with other elements of diamond quality.

Finding the right equilibrium between factors such as color, clarity, size, and budget is at the core of the diamond-buying experience—and the main reason you should seek out the guidance of a diamond professional with an exceptional reputation. The Kwiat Concierge will lead you through the process and help you to make the best possible choices.