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Diamond Size

Diamond Carat

Carat is often the first thing to come to mind when thinking about a diamond’s size. Size and carat weight are closely related but there are other factors in a diamond’s appearance. Cut and shape also play a role in whether the diamond appears visually larger or smaller than its actual carat weight.

Kwiat Standards

A properly cut diamond will not have too much weight in hidden areas. The added weight increases the cost without giving the diamond a larger appearance. At Kwiat, we cut our diamonds to keep the carat weight in the right places. Each gem has the widest possible diameter to appear larger than other diamonds of comparable carat weight. And because of their superior cut, our diamonds will appear whiter than their GIA color grade. We call this the Kwiat Tiara® Cut.

Kwiat diamonds

  • 5.1 - 5.3mm
    1/2 CARAT
    4.8 - 5.0mm
  • 5.8 - 6.0mm
    3/4 CARAT
    5.6 - 5.8mm
  • 6.4 - 6.6mm
    1 CARAT
    6.2 - 6.4mm
  • 7.4 - 7.6mm
    1 1/2 CARAT
    7.1 - 7.3mm
  • 8.1 - 8.3mm
    2 CARAT
    7.9 - 8.1mm

Other diamonds

Diamond Color and Clarity

Diamond Color

Diamonds are rated on a color scale developed by the GIA, the world’s premier diamond grading nonprofit. The color grading system is based on the alphabet, beginning with the letter D and running all the way through Z. A grade of D is the best possible grade a diamond can receive, which translates to an absence of color. Diamonds with this grade tend to be the most rare and valuable.

Diamond Clarity

Clarity refers to the presence of imperfections, known as inclusions, in the crystal structure of the diamond. Nearly all diamonds contain some sort of inclusion, as they are part of a diamond’s characteristics and structure. An inclusion within a diamond is natural, and on the higher end of the clarity scale, does not take away from its beauty.


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Kwiat Timeline

Kwiat History and Heritage


Our story starts in 1907, when Sam Kwiat turned his passion for diamonds into a craft. While much has changed over time, our strict criteria for cutting diamonds and creating the most beautiful diamond jewelry has always remained the same. Take a journey through our history to discover the legacy of Kwiat diamonds.


Sam Kwiat founded what would become one of the most trusted family-owned houses of diamond jewelry design, with a shop on Canal Street—the original New York City diamond district.

Downtown Diamond District


The family narrative continues as David, Sam’s son, enters the family business. His enthusiasm for diamonds leads to an exploration of mastering the perfect cut.


As the reputation of Kwiat craftsmanship broadens, renown jewelers such as Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co. and Alexandre Reza view Kwiat as a go-to source to acquire the most brilliantly cut diamonds and diamond jewelry designs.


Kwiat produces a catalog to showcase a collection of the largest and finest jewels – one the first of its kind within the diamond industry.


Kwiat Star is first introduced. It features marquise stones, David’s favorite cut. Kwiat Star was reissued in 2002 as a collection and is now a Kwiat Signature.


In a pioneering move, Kwiat relocates from its original New York City downtown location and becomes one of the first diamond jewelers on what is to become the 47th Street diamond district, today’s prominent international center for diamonds and diamond jewelry.


David acquires one of the largest diamonds of this time period–a 126 carat rough diamond ultimately transformed into the famous 50 carat “Teardrop of Africa,” which he cut for Harry Winston.


David’s sons, Sheldon and Lowell, follow in the footsteps of their father and grandfather and join the family business, pushing Kwiat into a new direction.

Lowell and Sheldon Kwiat



A new era begins as Greg, Lowell’s son, is appointed as the CEO of Kwiat.


Kwiat celebrates its 100-year anniversary of designing brilliant diamond jewelry.


Kwiat opens up its first New York City flagship salon on Madison Avenue, featuring a collection of the finest diamond jewelry.


Fred Leighton, the world’s premier curator of antique and vintage jewelry, is available for purchase. Kwiat moves to acquire the business in an effort to expand its selection of extraordinary gems.


All three of Lowell’s sons – Greg, Russell and Cory – are now at the helm of Kwiat, continuing the family heritage of offering the largest and most brilliant diamond jewelry.


Kwiat & Fred Leighton open combined flagship stores on Madison Avenue and at The Wynn Las Vegas, bringing two iconic brands under the same roof.


Since the beginning, we have understood that there is nothing more brilliant than a beautifully cut diamond. It is why we cut our diamonds to the strictest standards, with an honesty and integrity that is unsurpassed.

    Our Brand Philosophy

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