Of the 4Cs, a diamond’s cut is by far the most important. A diamond’s color and clarity is determined by nature but the cut is an art and science developed over time by humans. It takes years of experience to master the skill of properly cutting a rough diamond into a beautiful, polished jewel. A poorly cut stone will appear dull and lifeless. A well-cut stone will be the exact opposite—shining brightly with a sparkle and fire that sets it apart.

The 4Cs – Diamond Cut

The angles, proportions, and faceting patterns work together to create a diamond’s cut. Cut and shape are often confused and not quite the same. Shape such as rounds, ovals, cushions, or marquise refers to the stone’s outline and is a personal preference. Cut, on the other hand, refers to a stone’s faceting pattern, which determines how well a diamond captures and reflects light. It is the ability to reflect light that determines a diamond’s brilliance, which gives a diamond its beauty and sparkle.