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About Us

The Kwiat Family



David Kwiat


In 1907, Sam Kwiat started in the diamond jewelry business. He never imagined that his passion would take hold for generations to come. Together with his son, David, they grew a small family shop into a diamond legacy. More than a century later, the Kwiat family continues to design and craft the most exquisite diamond jewelry.



As the patriarch of the Kwiat family, Lowell set the bar as he led the company into a new era. Over his 45 years, he took Kwiat from a renowned jeweler that supplied diamonds to some of the most prominent industry names and created a distinguished brand that sells the finest diamond jewelry directly to clients.

One of Lowell’s most exciting moments through the years was a collaboration with artist Vik Muniz for the Diamond Diva series, which raised $175,000 for Jewelers for Children (JFC). But his crowning achievement is watching his three sons continue the family legacy.



From beautiful diamonds to the Beatles, Greg’s passions run far and wide. Before joining Kwiat in 2004, Greg received his bachelor’s degree and MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. From there, he went on to become an investment banker and the youngest Vice President in Goldman Sachs’ history.

Not long after Greg joined Kwiat, he took on the role of CEO. In this position, he manages all aspects of the business, from jewelry design to educating clients about diamonds. Every once in a while, you can spot Greg sharing his expertise in the media, including 60 minutes and The New York Times. When he is not giving interviews, he enjoys his role as lead singer of a Beatles and Rolling Stones cover band and devoting time to his family.

Greg Kwiat, CEO



From an early age, Russell knew that diamonds were his passion. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, it was an easy decision to join Kwiat and continue the family tradition.

As Chief Operating Officer, Russell oversees operations and new business development. He also sources some of the most important large diamonds for Kwiat. When Russell is not scouting the world for spectacular diamonds, you can find him spending time with his family, traveling or at the golf course.



Cory has always been an entrepreneur at heart. After graduating from the University of Michigan, he started a technology company that focused on the jewelry and watch industry. It was not long before the call of the family business (and his two brothers) pulled him in.

These days, Cory applies his entrepreneurial skills as Chief Digital Officer, managing marketing and technology at Kwiat. When he is not innovating new digital strategies, Cory is usually golfing, swimming, rooting for Michigan football (sorry Ohio State fans) or spending time with his family.


Plenty of jewelers may say customers are like family but to us this phrase truly means something. Too often, jewelers are eager to sell you the diamond that they want you to buy and not what is best for you. At Kwiat, we want you to get the diamond that is right for you and your budget.

Our intention is to share our knowledge and expertise as we welcome you into the Kwiat family. An emphasis is placed on providing advice that fits your situation, with personal recommendations for selecting the right diamond jewelry for any of your special occasions. We take pride in our name and what it has come to stand for—diamond jewelry crafted with honesty and integrity. This is why customers keep coming back, generation after generation.

    Our brand philosophy
    A story of integrity