Shopping for Jewelry in a Store or on the Internet

Practical Advice from People Who Know

With so many different ways to purchase a diamond engagement ring these days, it’s challenging to know whether you should shop online or buy in-person at a store. Shopping online is undeniably convenient, especially for everyday items, but shopping online for the highest-quality diamonds and fine jewelry is a different process.

Most Popular Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

It’s possible to educate yourself online using GIA reports, images, and video, but there are still other gauges of quality that must be considered in order for a diamond’s worth to be truly understood. For this reason, at Kwiat we believe that a diamond should be seen in person.

However, online sources will also allow you to familiarize yourself with diamond basics before embarking on the process of buying an engagement ring. For example, online browsing allows a buyer to compare the prices of similar items across multiple sellers and provides helpful educational resources. Whether you prefer shopping online or in person, we strongly encourage you to make use of the many online destinations available to you as tools for your search.

The Kwiat Concierge is also available to help steer you through the diamond-buying experience via telephone or live chat if you are unable or reluctant to schedule an in-store appointment. Whichever way you prefer to shop, our concierge will provide you with clear instruction and advice that ultimately delivers greater quality and value for this important purchase.

Kwiat recommends considering the pros and cons of online shopping below when deciding how to shop for jewelry.


Websites allow you to view numerous ring designs. We recommend browsing through multiple ring galleries to find settings that match your personal style.





Unfortunately, many online diamond sellers are less than trustworthy and lure shoppers through dubious techniques. It should be a red flag when a diamond professional will not volunteer information until they are directly asked. Less reputable sources will hide behind a laboratory certificate, knowing that it does not communicate a true picture of a diamond’s quality, especially to a novice buyer. You should not be required to know the “right” questions to ask. At Kwiat, our expert advisors will educate and inform you about every aspect of the diamonds you are considering for purchase so that you can make a well-informed decision.


Most Popular Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

Shopping for diamonds and jewelry online is great way to learn about pricing, especially across various quality ranges and companies. Keep in mind that prices will vary between sellers, but there is a direct relationship between quality and price. The lowest-cost options available online are not finely made and will always have something wrong with them.


No one should endure an expensive disappointment. A website’s images may be beautiful, but all too often, the piece of jewelry isn’t what the buyer expected. This happens when the ring setting, something that is often equally important to the wearer as the center diamond, is not well-made. As a result, the entire piece will seem poorly constructed and excessively bulky in person—issues that aren’t easily communicated through an online image. Another challenge of buying a diamond ring online is understanding scale. Online buyers are often disappointed upon receiving their jewelry because they assumed the diamond (or the entire piece) was larger. This is another fundamental reason why at Kwiat we believe fine jewelry should be bought in a store.


Browsing for engagement rings online can attune you to the values, ethics, and integrity of a diamond company. It’s crucial to know and trust the company or jewelry professional that you eventually buy from. The length of time a company has been in business is a strong indicator of its reputation. Kwiat has been offering exceptional diamonds and fine jewelry for over 100 years, and our business is aligned with your goals—fine quality at a great value.

Most Popular Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

Finally, our advice is to make use of all of the tools at your disposal. We encourage you to search online, which can help inspire your imagination and jumpstart your diamond education. While we ultimately recommend finding a reputable advisor at a trustworthy company to guide you through the process in a store, some customers are unable to make an in-person visit or simply feel more comfortable shopping online from home. In these instances, we suggest contacting the Kwiat Concierge and scheduling a telephone appointment. We can help ensure you make the best decision possible when it comes to this meaningful purchase.


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