Most Popular Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

You’ve already found a special person who wants to build a life with you. Now it’s time to find the best shape diamond for an engagement ring. Kwiat offers a vast array of meticulously cut diamonds to select from, and if you’re wondering what is the best shape diamond for an engagement ring, we have an answer. We feel that a stone should reflect the preference and taste of the wearer. At Kwiat, we believe that all women should embrace their unique sense of individual style, especially when choosing a diamond engagement ring to wear every day.

Most Popular Diamond Shapes For Engagement Rings

The Standby: Round Brilliant

Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Any list of the most popular shaped diamond engagement rings should start with the round brilliant. It is truly the most popular and classic diamond shape, with a look that is timeless and traditional. A round brilliant cut diamond maximizes the amount of light that is reflected, giving it incredible sparkle, especially when compared with other cuts. For a woman whose style is classic, the round brilliant might be the best shape diamond for an engagement ring. All round diamonds must receive a GIA grade of Excellent but not all Excellent diamonds meet our high standards. Based on more than a century of experience, we defined an even smaller subset of Excellent diamonds that capture the brilliance and beauty of how a diamond should appear. We call this the Kwiat Tiara® Cut.

Old Yet New: Cushion

Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring

This is the original diamond shape, as the majority of diamonds cut before 1880 were cushion cut. It seems that even then, cushion cut diamonds were the top choice when women decided how to pick the perfect shaped engagement ring. This cut’s popularity is on the rise again, partly due to the Duchess of Sussex. What shape diamond is Meghan Markle’s engagement ring? It’s a cushion cut stone, of course! Its appeal extends beyond royalty, as the pillow-like outline is extremely appealing to many women. Cushion cuts can vary in shape from squares to elongated rectangles and include both antique and modern diamonds. Cushion shapes appeal to a wide range of personalities, from vintage lovers to fashionistas to traditional brides.

Something A Little Different: Oval

Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

When you’re wondering “what is the best shape of a diamond to put on an engagement ring?” don’t overlook the oval cut. Oval shape diamonds have grown in popularity in recent years, possibly because oval cuts appear larger than round cuts of similar carat size. Also, the oval looks graceful and unique, with a shape that naturally elongates the finger while retaining a classic feel. An oval cut diamond features as many facets as a round diamond, which means it has the same capacity to sparkle. An oval cut is the best shape diamond for an engagement ring for a woman who likes to mix the traditional with the unexpected.

Subtle Sophistication: Emerald

Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

A woman who is fond of understated elegance should consider how to choose a diamond shape for an engagement ring that’s equally refined as her style. Known for its hall-of-mirrors effect and Art Deco aesthetic, emerald cut diamonds are an ideal choice for those with quietly discerning taste. Though the emerald cut diamond’s step-like faceting is less sparkly than that of other shapes, this style is appreciated more for its clarity than its brilliance. The drama of the emerald cut is in the geometric patterns in the heart of the diamond, making it a subtle yet elevated choice.

Camera-Ready: Radiant

Radiant Diamond Engagement Ring

The most contemporary of cuts, a radiant cut diamond can range from a square shape like a princess cut diamond, to a rectangular shape like an emerald cut diamond. This exceptionally brilliant cut is faceted for extra sparkle. Radiant cuts suit today’s woman, someone who is on top of the latest trends. This is the best shape diamond for an engagement ring if you’re comfortable basking in the limelight. Radiant diamonds have tremendous brilliance and announce to the world, “Here I am!”

Positively Distinctive: Marquise, Pear & Heart

Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring

What is the most popular shape diamond for engagement rings may not always be the right question when it comes to individualistic women. After all, popularity should be less important than finding a diamond shape that suits your taste. Statement-making silhouettes like marquise cut diamonds, pear shape diamonds, and heart shape diamonds are less often selected for engagement rings but look just as beautiful as their more popular counterparts. These shapes are just right for a strong woman, someone who is confident in her choices and her unique sense of style.


Unusual & Rare: ASHOKA®

Ashoka® Diamond Engagement Ring

When searching for the best shape diamond for an engagement ring, the trademarked ASHOKA® diamond makes a distinctive and beautiful option. An oblong version of the cushion cut and available exclusively at Kwiat, the ASHOKA® diamond cut is prized for its symmetry and fiery brilliance. Every finished stone of identical weight has the exact same proportions and dimensions due the technical precision of this 62-facet cut. Women with uncompromising taste who value intricate workmanship favor the ASHOKA® diamond cut’s dazzling prismatic effect.

Contemporary Heirloom: Old European

Fred Leighton Round® Diamond Engagement Ring

Ideal for vintage enthusiasts, the Fred Leighton Round® cut diamond is a technically perfected interpretation of an antique Old European cut. The Old European cut, a predecessor of today’s modern round brilliant diamond, was popularized in the 1890s when diamonds were cut by hand. Though desire for Old European stones has grown in recent times, many of these antique diamonds were re-cut in the modern style, and hence are difficult to find today. Women who prefer vintage-inspired looks will gravitate to Fred Leighton Round® cut diamonds when deciding how to pick the perfect shaped engagement ring as they connect the wearer to history, combining antique charm with contemporary precision.

Does Size Factor In?

While celebrities may be the only ones wondering what is the best shape of a diamond for an engagement ring with a 20 carat diamond, it’s still worth taking diamond size into account. Consider that some diamond shapes like the Asscher cut, cushion and emerald cut tend to look smaller when compared to similar carat weight diamonds in shapes such as round, oval and marquise. Brilliant cut diamonds are better at masking inclusions in the diamond and may be a better fit depending on the budget. Ultimately, the answer to the question what is the right size for a diamond engagement ring is a personal one.

What’s Right Is What’s Right for You

Ultimately, there is no single correct answer to the question, “what is the best shape of a diamond for an engagement ring?” At Kwiat, we believe that the most important determining factor when it comes to selecting the “right” diamond shape is what the wearer will love most.