Line bracelets and necklaces are an iconic staple and must-have for any fine jewelry collection. From minimalist and sporty to elegant and feminine, they complement all kinds of tastes. Whether they’re worn for a dressy occasion or as a part of your everyday look, line bracelets and necklaces are versatile and timeless pieces that never go out of style.


Also known as a tennis bracelet, this style is a continuous row of diamonds or gemstones linked together. Though often associated with bracelets, they also dazzle in necklace form.

Thanks to their simple but sophisticated design, line bracelets and necklaces pair just as well with evening gowns as they do with denim. In fact, worn casually they have a transformative effect, elevating any outfit with a little sparkle.

Making them even more versatile, tennis bracelets and necklaces suit wearers of any age and style. Billie Eilish, Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Nicki Minaj, Uma Thurman, and Sharon Stone have all been spotted wearing one both on and off the red carpet.

Though they stun on their own as solo pieces, line bracelets and necklaces layer well with other jewelry — think pendants, bangles, watches, and other tennis bracelets. They’re also available in a wide variety of carat sizes, meaning many different price points for all kinds of jewelry lovers.


Line bracelets have been around since the 1920s, when they were better known as eternity bracelets. But thanks to the disco era’s movement toward stylish comfort and everyday luxury, they grew exceptionally popular in the ’70s. How did they eventually come to be known as tennis bracelets? There are a few origin stories, many of which place professional tennis player and style icon Chris Evert at the center.

It is said that Evert had a unique habit of playing tennis while wearing a diamond line bracelet — the novelty of which naturally led to the name. Some recount a 1978 U.S. Open match where her line bracelet came undone. Evert famously asked the officials to pause the match to look for her “tennis bracelet” and did not resume playing until it was found.

Regardless of its exact origin, jewelers everywhere have come to think of the style as a tennis bracelet because of Evert’s glamorous influence both on and off the tennis court.


The classic line bracelet is a continuous strand of linked, prong-set diamonds. It’s often set in platinum and features round brilliant diamonds.

However, in recent years, creative designs and variations have grown tremendously in popularity. Today, tennis bracelets and necklaces run the gamut from vintage to contemporary, varying in gemstone sizes, shapes, settings, and arrangements.


Modern tennis bracelets feature all kinds of diamond shapes, from the classic round to pointed marquise to emerald cut. At Kwiat, we also create line bracelets with our signature Kwiat Cushion™ diamonds as well as the rare and distinctive Ashoka® cut—a dazzling symmetric shape with 62 facets.


Mixed gemstone shapes add an eclectic twist. For a fresh spin on the classic tennis bracelet, consider pieces with alternating shapes, like our platinum bracelet with alternating round and baguette diamonds.


Those looking for a splash of color will appreciate our line bracelet designs that feature sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and other colored gemstones. These pieces brighten up any jewelry collection and add a little more flair than their more traditional counterparts.


Smaller diamonds can accentuate a line bracelet’s sparkle as a border around each stone. In this setting, every stone appears larger, creating an exquisite statement piece.


In a departure from traditional line bracelets and necklaces, a sleek bezel setting gives diamonds and other gemstones more security and protection. The end result: a contemporary design perfect for everyday wear.