Few gemstones captivate people the same way Colombian emeralds do. Created one molecule at a time, natural emeralds are a geological miracle that depend on just the right combination of elements and conditions for formation. As a result, they are a deeper and more saturated green compared to the lighter shades of Brazilian emeralds and the blue-green hues of Zambian ones.

So, while emeralds can be found throughout the world in countries including Australia, Afghanistan, Russia, and the U.S., Colombian emeralds are in a class of their own. They mesmerize with their intensity, especially when set in fine jewelry. Natural Colombian emerald rings, in particular, make stunning accessories.

What are Colombian emeralds?

Legend has it that Colombian emeralds were first discovered when a Spanish cavalier passing through the town of Muzo found a resplendent piece of emerald in his horse’s hoof. Struck by the stone’s brilliant hue, the discovery stirred Spanish conquistadors into action to uncover Colombia’s emerald mines.

Today, Colombia accounts for most of the world’s emerald market. Its three main emerald mining sites are Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor.

You can think of Colombian emeralds as the crown jewel of all gemstones. They’re the most prized and sought after because they have fewer impurities and inclusions (known as “jardin”) than emeralds from other countries. What’s more, their dark green hue is the result of a particularly unique process that involves a complete lack of iron, as well as a combination of scarce elements that can only be found in Colombia.

Compared to other emeralds, Colombian emeralds are particularly difficult to cut because of their composition. If a stone cutter isn’t careful, they may cut away the best part of the emerald’s color, which tends to be closer to the surface. So, without careful planning, the finished stone may be significantly lighter than its original hue. As a result, cutting Colombian emeralds is a painstaking process that requires great expertise.

For these reasons, Colombian emeralds are often more valuable than diamonds.

Colombian Emerald Ring Designs and Styles

Emeralds from Colombia possess unparalleled beauty — so when set in an elegant ring design, they make for bold and eye-catching pieces of jewelry.

You can find a dazzling selection of Colombian emerald rings online and in person at Kwiat. To celebrate their one-of-a-kind nature, we focus our design process around the stones, creating diamond-accented settings to enhance the emeralds’ beauty. We also craft our rings in elegant, minimal platinum or 18-karat gold, specially engineered to be durable yet lightweight, to avoid detracting from the emeralds’ vibrance.

From simple and minimal to ornately detailed, here are just a few of our Colombian emerald ring designs.

How to Style Your Colombian Emerald Ring

Colombian emeralds add a vibrant touch to any outfit. Because of their unique, commanding color, however, these gemstones often look best on their own or alongside diamonds.
While a Colombian emerald ring can say a lot on its own, you can also consider coordinating it with other matching pieces. For instance, a delicate pair of Colombian emerald earrings or a pendant can complement your emerald ring and bring attention to your face.

Finding a Natural Colombian Emerald Ring

Colombian emerald rings add a bold and dazzling flair to any ensemble. But you’ll need to exercise some caution when shopping for one — only trusted gemologists can identify and confirm an emerald’s origin with a valid certificate.

At Kwiat, we sustainably and ethically source the purest, most deeply colored emeralds from Colombia’s Muzo and Chivor mines. Our rings are designed to optimize maximum light flow into their gemstones, resulting in a vivid, one-of-a-kind masterpiece that can enhance any look. You can learn more by setting up an appointment with one of our experts.