White diamonds are the iconic symbol of love and luxury. But for those who seek something extra-special, a yellow diamond conveys a certain appreciation for beauty and rarity. Only one in 10,000 diamonds is a fancy yellow diamond (fancy is the term designating a diamond that falls outside the D-Z grading scale). In other words, they are super rare. In engagement rings or wedding bands, yellow — or canary — diamonds set you apart as someone sophisticated with unique style.

Why are they often called “canary,” anyway? Well, their bright yellow hue makes it obvious. The color is due to the nitrogen that is naturally found in the stone during its formation. In very small concentrations, nitrogen gives colorless diamonds a slight tint that reduces their value and places them in a lower color range. A high nitrogen level, on the other hand, creates a rich golden color — and an increased value. Some jewelers sell yellow diamonds that have been artificially enhanced, but at Kwiat, we only offer natural ones. Yellow diamonds are graded for cut, clarity, and carat weight the same way as white diamonds. Their color, however, is considered differently.

Yellow Diamond Grading


As you might expect, color is one of the most important characteristics of a fancy yellow diamond. White diamonds are scaled from D to Z. At the highest range, colorless diamonds are extremely rare and valuable and are identified by D. Those with the letter Z, however, have a brown or yellow tint and are less valuable due to the presence of nitrogen.

We get fancy yellow diamonds when nitrogen is so prevalent that it turns from a flaw to a special attribute. The GIA developed a unique scale for grading the color intensity of such diamonds:

Fancy Light Yellow, Fancy Yellow, Fancy Intense Yellow, Fancy Vivid Yellow, and Fancy Deep Yellow.


When it comes to white diamonds, the right cut is the key to creating their sparkle. In contrast, fancy colored diamonds are cut to emphasize their color rather than their brilliance. While a round brilliant cut will enhance a white diamond’s sparkle, it would dilute the intensity of a yellow diamond. Canary diamonds are best suited to radiant, cushion, and pear cuts as they evoke the most vibrant colors.


The clarity grade of a fancy yellow diamond is less important than it is for white diamonds, since the stone’s color hides flaws. In fact, a canary diamond will typically be more valuable than a light yellow diamond with a higher clarity grade, solely due to the former’s intense hue. It is often acceptable to keep more inclusions in a yellow diamond in order to preserve its size.

Carat Weight

Quality natural yellow diamonds with a high carat weight are extremely valuable. But, because they are less rare than colors like pink and blue, they’re more affordable than other fancy colored diamonds.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

As the color of the sun, yellow represents hope, happiness, optimism, and loyalty. Diamond engagement rings symbolize everlasting love. Combining the two creates a meaningful jewel that honors a loving relationship.

Yellow diamond engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular due to their rarity and beauty. Consider the unique opportunity for matching or contrasting the colors of the stone and setting. The contrast between a vivid yellow diamond and a lighter metal, such as platinum, can be stunning. To enhance the stone’s hue, go for a white band with yellow gold prongs — they give the diamond a more saturated appearance.

Yellow diamond engagement rings with white diamond accents are also a special choice. To maximize the brilliance of the diamonds, Kwiat master designers engineered this platinum and 18k yellow gold engagement ring to be open and airy.

A yellow gold ring like our Engagement Ring with a Radiant Yellow Diamond and Pavé creates a seamless appearance. The diamond floats weightlessly in our signature setting atop a yellow diamond pavé band.

Yellow Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding bands with white or yellow diamonds can be paired with engagement rings that feature white or yellow diamonds. Matching isn’t necessary — in fact, mixing diamond colors creates a unique and eye-catching style. If you want the brilliance of white diamonds with the color of yellow, our Between Us Eternity Ring alternates yellow and white diamonds in dynamic style.

If you prefer to match your wedding band to your engagement ring, consider our Eternity Ring with Yellow Radiant Diamonds. With a semi-bezel setting made of 18k karat gold, this ring is chic and comfortable.