How a gemstone is set plays an important role in a piece of jewelry’s aesthetic as well as its upkeep and durability. As such, you may want to consider not only personal taste but also lifestyle when jewelry shopping.

For those who find themselves on the go a lot, a bezel setting might just be your best friend. Below, we’ll explain what a bezel setting is and what makes it both alluring and practical.

What Is a Bezel Setting?

A bezel setting is a gemstone setting style in which a diamond or other center stone is fully encircled by metal, as opposed to held in place by metal prongs. This look traces back to the 1600s, making it one of the oldest jewelry settings in the world. Despite this, bezel settings never go out of style — they’re a timeless design choice that can look both traditional and modern.

The Advantages of Bezel Settings

Since bezel-set stones are surrounded by metal, this setting provides more protection than its popular alternative, prong settings, which leave more diamond exposed. The extra security means bezel-set stones are less likely to get scratched. What’s more, they don’t snag or catch on fabrics or other materials.

Another cherry on top: bezel settings require little upkeep. Unlike delicate prongs, which need to be tightened or even replaced over time, bezel-set rings are fairly low-maintenance. And with more diamond surface covered, dirt won’t build up in the hard-to-reach corners or edges of your center stone.

Who Bezel Settings Are Perfect For

Given their durability, bezel settings are perfect for those with an active lifestyle or hands-on job. Whether you’re rock climbing, sculpting, or cooking, bezel settings ensure that your diamonds are well-protected at all times.

You don’t need to always be on the go to wear bezel-set stones, of course. Bezel settings complement all kinds of styles, from minimalist and sporty to elegant and feminine.

Different Types of Bezel-Set Engagement Rings

Not all bezel settings are alike — these designs may fully encircle a stone or only partially do so. Some also have intricate milgrain detailing. We’ll explain each type in more depth below.

Full Bezel Settings

Full bezel settings wrap the entirety of a diamond’s circumference. Besides providing more support for your gemstone, this style can hide blemishes and inclusions that might otherwise lay bare.

You can find engagement rings with the classic full-bezel design in a variety of metals and with different gemstone shapes. The pinkish hue of a rose gold bezel setting gives a unique touch, and a yellow gold bezel setting is simply timeless.

Half Bezel Settings

Half bezel settings, also known as semi-bezel settings, only partially wrap around a gemstone. With more gemstone exposed, this style lets more light in, making your stone appear more brilliant than the traditional full bezel style. However, with less metal encircling your diamond, half bezel setting engagement rings offer slightly less protection than their full counterparts.

Milgrain Bezel Settings

Those with an eye for detail will adore the sophistication of milgrain bezel settings. For the uninitiated, milgrain describes a jewelry design technique in which tiny metal beads are used to create a border. This fine detailing gives engagement rings a vintage flavor.

Bezel-Set Jewelry

While often used in the context of describing engagement rings, bezel settings are used for all kinds of jewelry, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. At Kwiat, you can find a wide selection of pieces that use this stylish setting.

Wedding Rings

The bezel setting isn’t only for highlighting an engagement ring’s center stone — it’s also ideal for eternity-style wedding rings, no matter the diamond shape. The most beloved Kwiat rings feature traditional round and oval shapes as well as the exclusive Ashoka® diamond cut.

Necklaces and Pendants

Necklace designs can incorporate bezels in a few ways — in a solitaire pendant, multiple diamonds arranged together, or as diamond strings.

Since solitaire pendants feature one diamond prominently, you should consider the 4Cs of diamond quality: color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. Of course, Kwiat can save you the trouble, as all of the diamonds we use adhere to strict standards.

For a little more sparkle, consider a necklace with multiple bezel-set diamonds arranged together. The entrancing illusion setting offers the best of both worlds, placing smaller diamonds together to create the look of a larger one.

Last but certainly not least, diamond strings, a Kwiat specialty, dazzle on their own or when layered with other pieces. Wrap them once, twice, or three times to add a hint of glamour to any look.


Perhaps you’d rather embellish an outfit with a pair of bezel-set gemstone earrings. Kwiat’s diamond drop earrings complement virtually every look.

Alternatively, hoops and ear climbers with bezel-set diamonds create a striking effect. They make perfect statement pieces for bold trendsetters.

Tennis Bracelets and Bangles

Applied to the quintessential tennis bracelet, bezel settings offer a fresh take on a classic style. And since they can be easily paired with any outfit, these bracelets are a versatile staple for any jewelry collection.

Sleek bezel-set bangles create an even bolder look. The unyielding durability of bezel settings seems especially well-suited for these rigid bracelets, which elevate any ensemble.

Find the Perfect Bezel-Set Piece of Jewelry

Bezel settings are a defining stylistic choice, one that comes with extra protection for your diamond. And as you can see, bezel-set jewelry designs come in a wide variety. Find the perfect piece to add to your jewelry collection at a Kwiat boutique or authorized retailer. Bezel setting or not, our experts are ready to help you with any questions you might have.