Throughout ancient times, drop earrings were popular among the higher classes. However, after the fall of the Roman Empire, throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the jewels all but disappeared because women’s ears were often concealed by elaborate hairstyles and hair ornaments. During the 17th century, women began to expose their necks and ears, and earrings returned. The second half of the 18th century saw the rise of drop earrings set with diamonds, pearls, and gemstones, which complemented the intricate hairstyles of the time. Since then, they have been a popular accessory in fashion, bridal ensembles, and on the red carpet.

But what are drop earrings and what makes them so popular? With an elongated shape, they give the appearance of falling from the ear and “dropping” below the earlobe. Set with diamonds, they offer movement and elegance, making them a popular option for evening wear — but they can also be worn every day. When you are building an earring collection, diamond drop earrings are great next step after classic diamond studs. Styles range from simple solitaire drops to dangly styles with elaborate embellishments, from contemporary to vintage inspired. They can be worn at any age and are available at various price points. At Kwiat, we offer many styles of diamond drop earrings, from simple styles for daily wear to fanciful designs that make the perfect touch for special occasions.

Types of Diamond Drop Earrings

Rose Gold Diamond Drop Earrings

Featuring the dazzling beauty of Ashoka diamonds in 18k rose gold, these diamond drop earrings are set in sleek bezel mountings suspended from simple wires. They are simple enough for everyday wear and complement various skin tones.

Teardrop Earrings

Our large double teardrop earrings are a distinctive complement to an elegant daytime or evening look. The 18k white gold teardrop-shaped strands are dotted with round brilliant diamonds, gracefully swaying with every movement. The settings are created with minimal metal, allowing maximum light to illuminate the diamonds.

Diamond Pear Drop Earrings

Featuring brilliant pear-shaped diamonds cut to Kwiat’s exacting standards, these diamond drop earrings are surrounded by smaller diamonds. Kwiat artisans use minimal metal to craft the settings, amplifying the brilliance of each diamond facet.

Diamond Solitaire Drop Earrings

The solitaire diamond drop earring is an especially popular choice. Sleek and timeless, these are a versatile staple. Depending on the size, they can be worn for special occasions or day to day. Our take on the style, with radiant diamonds, are bezel set in platinum.

Simple Diamond Drop Earrings

This style is a beautiful choice for a wedding. Our diamond drop earrings with 18K white gold bezels perfectly complement a sleek bridal look and give an elongated effect to the neck. The simplicity of the bezel setting makes these earrings suitable for more casual settings as well.

Sapphire and Diamond Drop Earrings

Sapphires add classic color and timeless sophistication to a piece. Our Ashoka diamond drop earrings pair the exclusive diamond cut with vibrant calibré cut sapphires. The minimal 18k white gold settings are lightweight and effortless to wear.

Dangle Drop Earrings

Consider our fringe earrings with diamonds for a glamorous, regal look. This Art Deco-inspired style features Asscher, round brilliant, half-moon, and baguette diamonds set in platinum and linked so that each stone appears to float. With every movement, they sparkle brilliantly, framing the face with radiant light.

Vintage-Inspired Drop Earrings

If you love vintage-inspired jewelry, our Splendor drop earrings are sure to become a special addition to your collection. A graceful, feminine motif with round brilliant diamonds in 18K white gold captures the style of the Edwardian period.