Engagement Rings – It’s All About What She Likes

There’s so much to keep in mind at the beginning of the search for engagement rings, especially the 4Cs: color, clarity, carat weight, and cut. We’d like you to introduce you to what we call “the 4Qs” as well. The 4Qs are four important questions that provide insight on how to choose an engagement ring. These questions take the factors of diamond shape, ring setting, budget, and finger size into consideration.

Diamond Engagement Rings

We feel that these questions are the most important tips on how to choose an engagement ring as they ensure you’ll purchase a diamond ring that’s just right for both of you. Let’s get started on your path towards finding the one that will delight her now and for years to come.

Question 1: Which Center Diamond Shape Does She Love?

When deciding how to choose a diamond for an engagement ring, it all comes down to what your significant other loves. After all, this isn’t about how to choose an engagement ring for yourself! Figuring out her ideal center stone shape, whether it’s something classic like a round brilliant or a more distinctive shape like a marquise or oval, makes a good starting point for the entire ring shopping process. All Kwiat rings are made specifically to highlight their center stone, so this is an important consideration for everyone involved.

You can figure out how to choose which stone you want for an engagement ring by looking for clues she might be leaving for you, asking her closest confidants, or simply posing the question to your partner directly.

Question 2: What Type Of Setting Does She Want?

After you have a stone shape in mind, you’ll need to think about a setting style. With such a wide array of options available, you might be wondering how to choose an engagement ring setting that she’ll love.

We recommend asking your significant other or the people nearest and dearest to her. If she’s unsure about which setting she likes, or you’re trying to keep the ring a total surprise, we advise you to think about what would best suit her hand, her style, and her preferred center stone.

Perhaps your partner wears all the latest trends. Or maybe she prefers vintage clothing. Her tastes might run towards the bold and avant-garde, or she might be the subtle and understated type. Since you know her well by now, you probably understand her style better than you thought.

When deciding how to choose an engagement ring style, there are also multiple precious metal options to take into account. She might have her heart set on a classic platinum ring, or she could have an inclination towards yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold instead. If you’ve decided not to ask her directly, take a peek through her jewelry box and observe which color metal she wears the most often.


Question 3: What Is Your Price Range?

In considering how to choose an engagement ring for your girlfriend, budget may have been the first element you thought of. While we can create a beautiful engagement ring for any budget, knowing your price range at the outset allows us to guide you more efficiently through the process, steering you towards a diamond ring with the best balance of quality factors. We’ll help you navigate the decisions about the diamond’s size, color, and clarity to make the most of your budget.

Question 4: What Is Her Finger Size?

After learning how to choose a diamond for her engagement ring, determining your partner’s preferred setting, and calculating a budget, you’ll want to find out her finger size. This is important because all Kwiat rings are created to the specifics of each wearer’s finger.

Though we recommend getting a ring as close to her size as possible before popping the question, there’s no need to worry if you aren’t able to determine her exact finger size. We can adjust the ring’s size using more accurate information after your proposal, if needed.