Where to Find Engagement Ring Advice

If you know that you and your partner are headed down towards an engagement, we at Kwiat wish you a hearty congratulations! This is an exciting time in both of your lives that you will look back on fondly for years to come. However, this also means you’ll likely have questions about finding the right engagement ring, and you might be wondering who you should speak to for advice about it.

At Kwiat, our 100-plus years of experience in the diamond industry have taught us that an engagement ring is a highly personal piece of jewelry and that the final choice is ultimately decided by the wearer: you. An engagement ring should be a reflection of your taste and style preferences. It should also be something that you feel comfortable wearing every day, if you so choose.

Where to Find Engagement Ring Advice

But you’ll probably still want the advice of those you trust. Perhaps you’re unsure which ring would suit your personal style, or maybe you’re wondering how to narrow down your choices from the many setting designs and diamond shapes available. Here are a few of our best tips, gleaned from decades of assisting brides-to-be, about who to turn to for quality guidance on engagement ring styles as you begin and refine your search.

If you have a sister who is already engaged or married, she can offer thoughtful insights about the process. Otherwise, another close relative who has been down the aisle, like a cousin or a sister-in-law, can also provide wisdom and guidance when it’s time to shop for engagement rings. A dear friend who has recently been engaged or married is another good source of advice when it comes to finding the right diamond engagement ring for you. These intimates know you well and understand your lifestyle and taste preferences. Plus, they’ve already found their own rings, so they have experienced what you’re going through now.

Though not personally invested in the way that friends and family would be, a jewelry store is a helpful resource as well. This is particularly true when you’re deciding which diamond shape and setting will best suit your taste and your lifestyle. Trying on engagement rings at a jewelry store can provide clarity quickly. At Kwiat, we believe that trying on rings in person is best— observing the way different styles look on the finger will help to narrow down choices significantly. A jewelry store also provides more authority and less bias than a friend or family member when it comes to selecting the diamond shape and setting that looks best on you.


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Another way to gain insight is by browsing through online ring galleries. This way, you can see a wide spectrum of engagement ring setting styles and stone shapes at once and note which ones catch your eye. If you feel overwhelmed by the array of options, try asking someone close to you to search online galleries with you. A sibling, close friend, or your mother will be able to see various ring settings and diamond shapes in a more objective way and point out valuable insights you might not have thought of on your own.

While you can’t ask them for guidance, looking at celebrities and their engagement rings is an entertaining way to find inspiration. High-profile celebrity betrothals nearly always feature photos of the engagement ring, and these images are strong indicators of which diamond shapes and ring settings are currently trending. They might also direct you towards a new ring style that you hadn’t considered.

With so many engagement rings to choose from, you’ll want to prepare yourself for the full spectrum of opinions—some that you’ll agree with and others that you’ll want to ignore. Ultimately, it is your opinion that matters the most, since you’re the one who will wear the ring. Consider the advice of friends, family, and jewelry experts seriously, but trust your own instincts above all else and you will be certain to select an engagement ring you love.