Imagine this: you have the wedding dress of your dreams — though for full head-turning effect, you want to complement it with dazzling accessories. But investing in multiple pieces of jewelry for your wedding day can add up, especially after factoring in the cost of your dress, ring, and all the wedding festivities.

If you find yourself in this situation, consider renting bridal jewelry. Fine jewelry rental services make it possible to enjoy glam and luxury without breaking the bank. Remember, after all, that even tradition recommends including “something borrowed” in your wedding wardrobe.

Below, we explain why it’s practical to borrow jewelry for your big day and give inspiration for which accessories to choose.

Why Borrow Or Rent Wedding Day Jewelry?

The perfect accessories can elevate your overall bridal look — and the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get them. Bridal jewelry rental services give you extra sparkle without the costs of ownership.

Who should consider renting or borrowing jewelry? Anyone who wants their wedding day jewelry to be as beautiful as their ring. Just because you rent your accessories doesn’t mean you sacrifice quality. You can rent all kinds of luxury pieces to create a one-of-kind look that captures your unique style. All the while, guests will be none the wiser.

Given that bridal jewels tend to be more extravagant than your day-to-day pieces, you may not plan on wearing them often (or at all) after the big day. In this case, the once-in-a-lifetime occasion may not justify buying to keep. For this reason, rental bridal jewelry is simply practical.

The best part of borrowing or renting jewelry: all the extra savings you can put toward your honeymoon, home, or other wedding costs. For anyone who wants to get stunning wedding photos yet also invest in their future, renting jewelry makes sense.

All About Kwiat Bridal Borrow®

While we don’t offer jewelry rental services at Kwiat, we have an exclusive Bridal Borrow program for clients who have purchased a Kwiat engagement ring or wedding ring. Both clients who have made an in-store purchase and those who have bought online are eligible to participate.

Through the Kwiat Bridal Borrow program, we welcome you to reserve a selection of our masterfully crafted jewelry for your wedding day or other milestone celebration. You may enjoy a five-day reservation on jewelry valued at up to 100% of the purchase price of your engagement or wedding ring.

And if you happen to fall in love with one (or more) of the items you borrow, we offer exclusive pricing to make it permanently yours. Interested in learning more? Our concierge team is more than happy to assist you.

Inspiration to Borrow From

The best jewelry rental services offer a wide selection of different styles and designs so you can find the right accessories that capture your personality. For a taste of what the Kwiat Bridal Borrow program has to offer, take a look at our timeless pieces below.

Something Blue

Combine your something borrowed with something blue by incorporating sapphires into your wedding ensemble. Since this majestic gemstone has traditionally symbolized love and faithfulness, it only makes sense to wear a sapphire (or two) as you step into matrimony.

Luxurious Earrings

Picture this: drop earrings swaying and catching the light as you walk down the aisle. Whether you prefer a bold, dramatic style or an airier look, Kwiat has many designs to choose from.

If you plan on leaving your hair down or letting other baubles take the spotlight, perhaps you’ll enjoy diamond stud earrings or delicate ear climbers. Though less attention-getting than dangling earring styles, they add a subtle hint of elegance to any wedding day look.

Diamond Necklaces

No matter which neckline you choose for your wedding dress, a timeless diamond necklace can frame your shoulders and collarbones beautifully. Consider a minimal single strand or delicately layered strings to enhance your look.

Statement Bracelets

Bold bracelet designs also make a glamorous addition to your wedding aesthetic. Whether you go for sleek diamond bangles or sparkling cuffs, Kwiat bridal bracelets can help personalize your look.

Schedule a Consultation with Kwiat

Online jewelry rental services and borrowing programs make it easy to amplify your wedding day wardrobe.

For Kwiat clients, we’re excited to share our extraordinary diamond jewelry through our exclusive Bridal Borrow program. Start creating your dazzling wedding look by scheduling a consultation with one of our experts today.