When it comes to defining your style with accessories, jewelry matters just as much as shoes and handbags. Wearing bangle bracelets is the perfect way to complement jeans, office attire, and even dressier looks. Below, we explain why bangles are staple pieces for avid jewelry lovers — and how to choose which ones to add to your collection.

What are Bangle Bracelets?

Bangles are a sophisticated type of bracelet that come in a variety of colors, gems, and materials. Their appeal spans time — in fact, anthropologists have revealed that women have adorned their wrists for millennia. Bangles dating back thousands of years were uncovered around Siberia and the banks of the Indus River, affirming just how timeless they are.

Bangles vs. Bracelets

So, what are the differences between bangles and bracelets? While it sounds like the terms are interchangeable, they’re not.

A bangle, like a bracelet, is a piece of jewelry worn on the wrist. What makes a bangle different from your typical bracelet is its rigid ring shape. Some bangles can be put on by sliding your hand through them, but bangles with hinges and clasps tend to be easier to put on.

Bracelets, on the other hand, are usually flexible, comprising metal with or without gemstones. Most bracelets feature a clasp, but bracelets without clasps may use stretchy material to slide over the hand with ease.

How Can Bangles Be Worn?

Not sure how to wear women’s bangle bracelets? We’ve got you.

No matter your age, taste, or budget, bangles can be a great choice. Whether your style skews minimalistic, glamorous, or athletic, bangles can add a distinctive touch. And because they’re so versatile, bangles make wonderful gifts.

Bangles can be styled singularly or stacked to create a layered look. Wear them on one arm or both to make a statement. Pair them with a watch for a casually chic effect. No need to sport a Rolex either (though they look good next to those, too!) — bangles complement a utilitarian Apple Watch equally well.

Types of Bangles

Getting dressed for the office, drinks with friends, or date night with your partner always calls for expressing your style. With so many bangle variations, there’s one (or several!) to complement every outfit.

As mentioned above, some bangles slip over the hand and others feature hinges and clasps. The benefit of the latter is you can get a fit that more closely follows the circumference of your wrist — which would be nearly impossible to squeeze over your hand.

Bangles come in different widths as well. Feeling sophisticated? A simple, thin gold bangle bracelet does the trick (the dazzling pavé diamonds don’t hurt, either). Feeling expressive? A wide bangle bracelet does the talking for you.

Diamond Bangles

It’s no wonder diamond jewelry is so widely desired. Marilyn Monroe sang it best: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” And diamond bangles are a sure way to add a spark of joy to a jewelry lover’s collection.

Don’t underestimate just how important diamond quality is, though. Kwiat diamonds are cut to the world’s highest standards, ensuring the utmost brilliance for generations to come. Turning heads is easy when you accessorize your look with our diamond bangles.

If you’re considering 18K gold bangles with diamonds, there are three metal colors to choose from — yellow, rose, or white gold.

Unique Bangles

While gold and diamond bangles are gorgeous additions to any outfit, more unusual bangles tell a story, act as personal talismans, and mark you as a someone with interesting style.

If unique bangles appeal to you, you’ll find a vast selection of antique and contemporary styles at our sister brand, Fred Leighton. Here are a few ideas.

Carved stone bangles, like this black jade one, signify strength and protection from misfortune. Feel connected to earth’s elements with wooden bangles, which can be surprisingly elegant with the addition of diamonds. Or reach for a vintage sterling silver bangle bracelet to create an artful bohemian look.

Cuff Bangles

Cuff bangles are a close relative of the bangle bracelet. Like regular bangles, they feature rigidness and a circular shape. What sets them apart is that instead of a clasp or simple circular structure, they have an opening that allows you to slip them onto your wrist.

Cuffs serve as symbols of feminine power, and they were worn by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans as status symbols and talismans of protection. But like all bangles, cuffs are ageless. They pair especially well with contemporary fashion, creating bold statements of intrigue and elegance.

Style your cuff bangles your way — they pair well with other bangle types or standard bracelets.

Bangles Make Great Gifts

If you’re seeking a gift for a special someone, bangles are a great idea. For instance, a birthstone bangle bracelet, like sapphire, ruby, or blue topaz, makes a wonderful choice.

Unsure how to choose the right bangles for yourself or someone else? Our experts are here to help you find the bangle bracelets for women that express personality and emphasize unique style. Schedule your consultation today.