After a baby is born, parents receive an influx of presents. Most are for the baby, but there’s another important person who deserves a gift — Mom, of course. This gesture is often called a push present.

What Are Push Presents?

A new mother’s partner or family gives her a push present to celebrate and commemorate a baby’s arrival. Although people give a range of things, from coffeemakers to designer diaper bags to massage gifts certificates, we believe, unsurprisingly, that there is no gift more meaningful and treasured than fine jewelry.

The best push present is one that aligns with the mother’s style. From simple to embellished, vintage to modern, there are a variety of jewelry options to choose from. Some of the most popular feature the birthstone of the newborn baby, but you can never go wrong with classic diamonds. They go from day to night and match every outfit.

At Kwiat we often recommend diamond stud earrings or a bracelet for the occasion. Diamond pendant necklaces and earrings that dangle invite babies’ curious hands to pull on them. Many moms have had their jewelry broken this way, and in the worst cases, ear piercings can be torn. There’s no rule about how much you should spend on a push present, but Kwiat customers commonly spend $3,000 – $5,000.

When Did Push Presents Become a Thing?

The practice of giving presents to new mothers dates back hundreds of years and is said to have begun in India. Since the 1990s, the tradition has become popular in Western society.

Below are some ideas for jewelry gifts for a new mom, plus some tips on how to choose the perfect piece. If you’d like personal assistance, our concierge would be pleased to help you.

Push Present Earrings

Diamond earrings are one of the best pieces of jewelry for a new mom. As we mentioned above, we recommend a small style that sits close to the ear so a baby doesn’t accidentally pull them out. If in doubt about which pair to purchase, go for classic diamond studs. They’re timeless and elegant, and available at Kwiat starting at just $1,020. Here are some ideas in a range of styles and prices. If there’s a style you like but you don’t see the metal color you prefer, please get in touch — we may be able to custom make it.

Diamond Stud Earrings

It doesn’t get more classic than these brilliant round diamonds. Each is cut to the world’s highest standards, with a breathtaking sparkle that will add to that new mom glow.

Diamond Star Earrings in 18k Yellow Gold

Fit for a queen (aka mom), this design with dazzling marquise diamonds will make any new mother feel like a million bucks.

Emerald Cut Diamond Stud Earrings

These earrings are as classic as traditional round studs, but more intricate. Emerald-cut and round brilliant diamonds fit together like puzzle pieces to create the effect of a larger emerald-cut stone.

Vine Diamond Wrap Earrings

A cool, sparkling touch for every day, these make the new mom routine a little chicer (plus, they’re great for work or nights out, too).

Bracelets That Make Great Push Presents

Bracelets make baby-safe push presents for moms because they’re more resistant than a delicate diamond pendant around the neck. Here are some ideas in a range of styles and prices for push present bracelets. If there’s a style you like, you can reach out to Kwiat and have it custom-made in a different color of gold. If in doubt, a classic diamond bangle is a great choice. It can be worn alone or stacked with a variety of other bangles or a watch — plus, it will never go out of style.

Star Bangle with Diamonds

Show mom she’s the center of the universe. A star of marquise and round brilliant diamonds adorns this open bangle with a celestial theme.

Bangle with Sapphires

This piece is the perfect push present for moms with September babies. It adds a subtle touch of color to her bracelet stack and is full of meaning too.

Bangle with Rubies

A July baby calls for a touch of rich red. This ruby bangle has a secure clasp and can be worn alone or stacked with other Kwiat bangles.

Engravable ID Bracelet

This bracelet, available in rose, yellow, or white gold is highlighted with diamonds and has a space for custom engraving. Mom can wear her heart on her sleeve with her baby’s name on her wrist.

Unique Push Presents

If she tends to favor more unusual designs, here are some ideas for push presents that are anything but typical.

Ear Climbers with Diamonds

This is a classic take on a trendy style. Exquisite Kwiat diamonds ascend the earlobe in a design that’s perfect for the cool mom.

Slim Ring with Pink Sapphires

What better way to show the mom of an October baby some love than this delicate, colorful band? It can be worn alone or stacked with wedding rings for a chic pop of color.

Amethyst and Diamond Ring

If she appreciates vintage style, this amethyst and diamond ring makes a great push present. It’s also perfect for moms of February babies who want to wear their child’s birthstone.

Gold Bangle with Diamonds

An out-of-this-world diamond and 18k yellow gold bracelet is a versatile push present for mom. Dress it up by stacking it with other bracelets or let it shine on its own.

Celebrity Push Presents

Stars are famous for giving extravagant, next-level gifts — and this is true when it comes to push presents as well. Kwiat has a variety of styles in the same vein as your favorite celebrity push presents.

Cushion Cut Stud Earrings

Keep up with the Kardashians with these diamond stud earrings, similar to a pair Kourtney Kardashian was gifted when Penelope was born.

Sapphire Ring

It doesn’t have to cost a billion to look as good as Beyoncé. She also received a sapphire ring when Blue Ivy was born.

Kwiat Diamond Line Bracelet

Bestow the new mom in your life with a diamond tennis bracelet like Henry Golding gave to his wife, Liv Lo.

Diamond Locket Pendant

Yes, we did warn you that necklaces can be difficult for a new mom to wear, since babies often pull on them. But if you really want to give one to a new mom, this diamond pendant push present, like the one Naomi Watts received when her son, Alexander, was born, is ideal. The locket can hold a picture of the new baby — a sweet tribute to love and family.

No matter which anniversary or occasion you are celebrating, Kwiat has one goal: to help you mark the milestone with jewelry of unmatched beauty and quality. For one-on-one assistance in choosing the absolutely perfect gift, get in touch with the Kwiat concierge.