Should I Bring Anyone Along When I Shop?

Selecting a diamond ring is a highly personal process and one that most soon-to-be-engaged men have not encountered before. Some people feel overwhelmed or confused by the many important and costly decisions. You may be wondering if it would be worthwhile to bring someone else with you to the jewelry store.

Should I Bring Anyone Along When I Shop?

At Kwiat, we believe that keeping a trusted advisor by your side while you navigate this process can be very useful and often instills more confidence in your choices. Many people also find it meaningful to share such an important life event with someone near and dear to them.

The first major question you will need to ask yourself is whether or not you plan to browse for rings with your significant other. You can begin the shopping process as a couple to get a feel for her style preferences and find out her exact ring size, then finalize your selection and purchase it alone so that there is still an element of surprise. Some couples skip the tandem store visit altogether to ensure that the ring is a complete surprise.

If you’ve decided to shop without your fiancée-to-be but you’re unsure who to bring along on your ring search, there are a number of options to consider. You’ll want to pick your shopping companion based on the quality of their advice—and whether or not they can keep a secret.


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Though it might be tempting to solicit opinions from many people, too many points of view can cause even more uncertainty and confusion. We suggest keeping your circle of advisors as small as possible. Ideally, you would narrow down your options to only one other shopping companion. Here are a few people you will want to consider bringing along when you’re shopping for her engagement ring.

Your Mother

She knows you inside and out, and it’s likely that she also knows your fiancée-to-be well by this point, too. She’ll be flattered by your invitation and feel appreciative that she’s been included in this important milestone in your life.

Her Mother

Having a woman’s perspective, especially from someone as intimately connected to your partner as her mother, is an excellent way of ensuring you’ll select the perfect ring. Her mother is her confidant and probably knows as much if not more than you do about your significant other’s taste and style.

Her Sister

Asking your partner’s sister to shop for rings with you is a wonderful choice as well. She is more likely to be candid about your significant other’s likes and dislikes than other browsing companions would be. If she’s recently been engaged or married, she also can offer up-to-date advice to aid you through the process.

Should I Bring Anyone Along When I Shop?

Her Best Friend

If you’re unsure which stone shape and setting style your significant other is dreaming about, it is a good idea to bring along her best friend. A best friend will understand your partner’s personal tastes since they’ve probably shopped together many times over the years. It’s possible that your partner and her best friend have already talked about her ring preferences in preparation for this trip to the jewelry store.

Your Best Friend

Even when you already know what your fiancée-to-be wants, it is still reassuring to have someone next to you while you search for her engagement ring. Your best friend can offer moral support while you make this important investment in your future together.

Someone Else Close to Both of You

There may be another family member or friend who is close to both of you and who’s been engaged or married in the not-too-distant past. This person can lend a fresh perspective and offer topical advice gained from recent experience.