Jennifer Lopez

A stunning large emerald cut diamond ring that made its debut on Instagram

Elizabeth Taylor

Formerly called the Krupp diamond, this emerald cut of more than 30 carats was renamed the Elizabeth Taylor Diamond in 2011.

Amal Clooney

A sleek, simply set emerald cut diamond ring.


  • Round Brilliant is the most classic of all of the diamond shapes, with a cutting style that has evolved over the last 150 years through scientific study and technological innovations.
  • Round brilliant cut diamonds are both traditional and extremely popular, and appeal to women with a classic sense of style.
  • Round brilliant diamond engagement rings pair well with a wide variety of wedding band designs.
  • Round brilliant diamonds are sometimes called full cut diamonds. A full cut round brilliant diamond has been cut to standard specifications, with either 57 or 58 facets.
  • Round brilliant diamonds display their size well compared to other shapes. In fact, they often appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight.


  • Round brilliant diamonds do not show color as readily as other shapes and may mask tinting through the J range.
  • When comparing round brilliant diamonds of different color grades, a higher color grade is often perceived to be brighter to the eye.
  • At Kwiat, we do not offer stones that show obvious color flaws in respect to their color grades.

  • The round brilliant faceting pattern’s sparkle helps to mask internal inclusions.
  • Kwiat’s recommend clarity range for a round brilliant cut diamond runs between VS1 and SI1, as long as the SI1 appears clean and clear to the naked eye. Infrequently, SI2 round brilliant diamonds can appear clear to the eye, though it is not typical.
  • Our diamonds are the best of their respective clarity grade, and Kwiat’s SI1 and SI2 round brilliant cut diamond rings do not show any inclusions visible to the naked eye.

  • Cut is the most important qualitative element when selecting a round brilliant diamond engagement ring.
  • The brilliant cut faceting pattern is made up of a series of triangular and kite-shaped facets placed on the top and bottom of the stone, giving it intense sparkle and fire.
  • The round brilliant cutting style is the most defined of all shapes, with a slim set of proportions and angles that are used by diamond cutters throughout the world. A poorly cut round brilliant diamond can have an inconsistent or unattractive brilliance or be overly deep and appear smaller than its true size.
  • The GIA report for a round brilliant diamond will typically read “Round Brilliant” for the shape and cutting style.
  • Round brilliants are the only diamond shape that receive a Cut grade from the GIA. All of our Kwiat Tiara® Cut round brilliant diamonds receive the Excellent cut grade from the GIA, the highest grade awarded. In addition, they have received the Excellent grade for polish and symmetry. Diamonds with the highest rating in these three categories are often referred to as Triple Excellent.
  • Our standards for earning the Kwiat Tiara® designation go beyond even the Triple Excellent grade from the GIA. To achieve the Kwiat Tiara® designation, a diamond must also meet exacting standards for depth percentage, table percentage, angle proportions and facet proportions. This ensures that our Kwiat Tiara® Cut round brilliant diamonds appear larger and brighter than all other round diamonds.
  • A diamond’s ratio is its length divided by its width. For a perfectly round shape like the round brilliant, the ratio would be 1:1.

  • There is a very narrow range of depth percentage parameters accepted for a round brilliant cut diamond in order to achieve the GIA’s Excellent Cut grade, from 59 percent to 62.9 percent.
  • Kwiat Tiara® Cut round diamonds are cut to specific parameters towards the shallower end of this depth percentage range to maximize their size appearance and brightness.
  • Round brilliant diamonds, even those with the GIA’s Excellent Cut grade, outside of Kwiat’s depth percentage parameters may appear smaller and less brilliant when compared to a Kwiat Tiara® Cut round diamond.
  • The accepted table percentages for a round brilliant cut diamond range between 54 percent and 61 percent.
  • Kwiat Tiara® Cut round brilliant diamonds are cut to an even narrower table percentage range to achieve the perfect balance of brightness and fire.
  • Round brilliant diamonds with table percentages that fall outside of Kwiat’s parameters may appear smaller and less brilliant when compared to a Kwiat Tiara® Cut round diamond.