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The Kwiat Difference

The Kwiat Difference and Promise

In a World of Same,
Stand Out With Kwiat

Setting the standard of excellence and craftsmanship since 1907

The Kwiat Difference

If you’re like most of our customers, you’re already drawn to excellence. It’s why you’re in search for the perfect diamond. But, you’re not just looking for any diamond. You want a diamond that is known for its brilliance. You want it to meet or exceed every standard of design and craftsmanship. You want it be conflict-free so that you can know that your purchase is making the world a better place.

And most importantly, you want her to love it.

At Kwiat, we believe there’s a perfect diamond out there for everyone. But, if you’re just starting your search, how can you know you’re looking in the right place? Or that you’re buying the right one? Or not over-paying?

We get it.

Looking for the perfect diamond can feel overwhelming. It’s why we made the decision to bring the same level of craftsmanship and quality that we bring to our diamonds, straight to our customers. Our team of certified Kwiat guides and diamond experts are known across the industry for creating a search experience that is grounded in detail and personal attention so that you can cut through the noise and find the diamond that’s right for you.

We started in 1907 by supplying the finest diamonds and creating beautiful jewelry for top-tier luxury brands. Since then, we’ve made the decision to cut out the middle-man and offer our diamonds and jewelry directly to customers through our own salons, website, and network of authorized local retail partners. It’s why we can offer you the highest-quality diamonds at prices no one else can compete with.

Whether you’re about to get engaged, married or celebrate a milestone, we know your perfect diamond is out there. We’re committed to helping you find it.

Lowell Kwiat, Chairman



Discover the legacy of Kwiat diamonds that first started in 1907 and continues with you.



Meet the family that continues to design and craft the world’s most exquisite diamond jewelry.



Learn why our design and expertise has earned us a reputation for the most beautifully cut diamonds in the world.


Start Your Search With Confidence

We know how important this purchase is for you. That’s why we’re committed to helping you get it right.

Schedule a free consultation with a Kwiat Guide and diamond expert today and we can give you the personalized support you’re looking for. We can teach you what to look for in a diamond and then help you narrow your search down to the pieces that are right for you–no matter your price range.

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We know how important this purchase is for you. It’s why we’re committed to making your experience just as meaningful and memorable as your diamond.

Kwiat - Trade Up Program


We know your dream ring today may not be your dream ring tomorrow, which is why we offer a lifetime trade-up program that gives you the ability to apply the value of your current Kwiat diamond and exchange or trade up for a larger diamond at any point in the future.

Kwiat - Conflict Free Diamonds

Conflict-Free & Responsible Mining

Kwiat is committed to the highest industry and ethical standards of sourcing, mining and manufacturing. When you purchase a diamond on our site or in our store, you can feel good–knowing that your diamond is certified conflict-free, the way they should be.

Kwiat - Bespoke and Unique Designs


We know that your relationship is a one-of-a-kind, which is why we want your ring to reflect that. We can customize existing designs or work with you to create a ring based on your personal preferences or signature style.