Have you ever noticed that certain people exude a quiet confidence? Secure and self-possessed, they know what they have to offer and don’t have to be the loudest or flashiest in the room. Somehow, they invite curiosity and compel you to get closer.

You can think of hidden halo engagement rings as the jewelry equivalent of such people. Though far from being the most ostentatious design, this unique under-the-radar setting adds an artful touch of personality to any ring. Find out what a hidden halo ring is and whether it’s the right style for you or your beloved below.

What is a hidden halo ring?

A hidden halo is a circle of pavé diamonds set in the basket under a ring’s center stone. This may be along the gallery rail or at the base of the prongs where they meet the shank. In a regular halo setting, the stones face upward. In a hidden halo, however, they face outward and can only be seen from the side.

Because of their elusive appearance, hidden halos don’t detract from the brilliance of their center stones. On the contrary, they may even exaggerate the center stone’s size. This is because to create space for the halo’s delicate stones, hidden halo rings often have high-set profiles—and with a higher setting, center stones look bigger and capture more light. Still, hidden halos are less about making your center stone appear larger and more about expressing your personal style.

Hidden Halo vs. No Halo

Having trouble visualizing how hidden halo ring settings differ from their no-halo counterparts? Consider the two rings pictured below: an emerald-cut diamond ring without a halo and one with a hidden halo.

When looking at the top of a ring from above, a hidden halo isn’t visible. However, viewing from the side will reveal the sparkly setting. In this way, hidden halos are something of a surprise—one only for the discerning and eagle-eyed.

The Benefits of a Hidden Halo Setting

Given its subtlety, some might wonder whether a hidden halo setting is a worthwhile embellishment. However, fine jewelry lovers appreciate hidden halos as an ornate detail that gives rings more character—like a secret that only the most observant are privy to.

Because the intricacies of a hidden halo aren’t readily visible with a passing glance, this setting is ideal for those wanting extra brilliance that won’t come at the expense of their center stone. Hidden halos also make a complementary accent for jewelry wearers who want a pavé band, as these extra diamonds create a seamlessly sparkly look all around.

While you might expect the extra sparkle of a hidden halo to come with a higher price tag, that’s not necessarily always the case. But who can put a price on personality anyway? For a once-in-a-lifetime investment, hidden halos are a meaningful reflection of one’s unique style.

Celebrities with Hidden Halo Rings

Because of their unobtrusive design, hidden halos are naturally less obvious to the average beholder. However, whether because of a sharp-eyed fan or through their own admission, more than a handful of celebrities are known to sport engagement rings with hidden halos. Below are just a few.

  • Ryan Reynolds famously proposed to actress Blake Lively with a show-stopping engagement ring that features a hidden halo beneath its pink 12-carat oval diamond.
  • At first glance, model Hailey Bieber wears a simple yellow gold solitaire engagement ring—but at just the right angle, you can spot a hidden halo elevating the ring’s oval diamond.
  • Travis Barker of Blink-182 fame surprised Kourtney Kardashian with a massive diamond engagement ring that features a just out-of-sight diamond halo setting.
  • In a full embrace of sparkle, Paris Hilton’s one-of-a-kind diamond engagement ring has a hidden halo in addition to trapezoid side stones and pavé diamond detailing on its prongs.
  • Victoria’s Secret model Jasmine Tookes said yes to an elegant oval diamond engagement ring with a delicate hidden halo.

Find the Perfect Hidden Halo Engagement Ring at Kwiat

Are hidden halos worth it? For those comfortable in their own skin, these imaginative rings most certainly are.

Because of their thoughtful and distinctive design, hidden halo rings urge you to stay present and discover beauty in the unexpected. Find one that reflects your style at Kwiat today. Our jewelry experts are excited to share artisan designs with those who treasure all the beautiful moments around them. Please get in touch with our concierge to learn more.