An engagement ring is more than a symbol of love — it’s an expression of personal style. Since you’ll want to keep wearing your ring for years, it’s important to find one that captures your unique style and personality.

Traditional rings may not cut it, especially for those with a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. If that’s the case, you’ll want to browse different designs, settings, metals, and gemstones to find an engagement ring that’s uniquely you.

Where can you find unique engagement rings? Kwiat offers a wide selection of distinctive and extraordinary styles so you can celebrate your love with a ring just as special as your relationship.

Unique Engagement Ring Styles and Designs

For the bride seeking something out of the ordinary, fine jewelers offer chic ways to break from tradition, from wide bands to accent stones to engravings. There are practical choices, too — for instance, wide band engagement rings are sturdier than more classically thin bands.

Those who appreciate the mystique of other eras will love the intricate details of vintage-style engagement rings. Note that you don’t need to shop exclusively at antique stores to find a unique vintage engagement ring. These rings take inspiration from beloved time-honored trends, like the geometric Art Deco style of the 1920s-1930s and the charismatic imperfections of the late 1800s’ old European diamond cut.

Thanks to their simpler design, unique minimalist engagement rings tend to be open and airy, letting more light flow through the diamond. They never go out of style, either. Case in point: Kwiat’s minimalist ring with a collet setting inspired by the Georgian era of the 1700s and 1800s.

Rings with Unique Gemstone Cuts and Shapes

Whether you choose the classic solitaire setting or a more non-traditional band, fancy-cut diamonds and gemstones — any stone that isn’t round-cut — are a simple and tasteful way to set your engagement ring apart. Some of the most popular shapes are oval and emerald-cut stones, which evoke elegance and glamour.

Less common but still equally sophisticated are pear and marquise shapes. When set vertically, these stones have a slimming effect and elongate the wearer’s finger.

Even more uncommon are diamonds in the non-traditional heart shape and Ashoka cut. Ashoka stones are particularly rare because they are only available in the U.S. at Kwiat.

Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings

Sapphires and emeralds enchant as engagement ring center stones. Because of their vivid color, they make head-turning pieces of jewelry — perfect for revealing a flair of personality.

For those who still prefer a diamond centerpiece, colored gemstones make subtle but radiant accents in a halo or side stone setting. Alternatively, a colored diamond mixes tradition and novelty by giving the classic diamond engagement ring a bright twist.

Unusual Engagement Rings Inspired by Celebrities

The latest engagement ring trends vary from year to year, shaped in part by celebrities and royal families. As a result, some brides might wish for a ring that emulates a particular celebrity’s style. Kwiat has designed stunning engagement rings that take inspiration from some of pop culture’s most famous icons.


Before you decide on a ring, it’s important to shop around and consult with trusted jewelers. At Kwiat, we’re happy to help. Simply give us a call or schedule an in-person or virtual appointment with one of our expert concierges in New York City.