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Craft Your Unique Story:
From Rough Diamond to Personal Masterpiece

Choosing an engagement ring should be fun, meaningful, and personal. And it’s even more so when you experience Mine to Shine, choosing your own ethically mined rough diamond and following its journey to the ring of your dreams.

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Let’s start with shape
All Kwiat Tiara Diamonds™ are cut to perfect standards to look bigger and brighter than others of the same carat weight.

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Now, let’s talk size
Kwiat Tiara Diamonds are perfectly cut to look bigger and more brilliant, no matter the carat weight.
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No matter how much you plan to spend, we promise to give you the very best cut diamond with ultimate sparkle and size appearance.
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Diamond Size

Diamond Carat

Carat is often the first thing to come to mind when thinking about a diamond’s size. Size and carat weight are closely related but there are other factors in a diamond’s appearance. Cut and shape also play a role in whether the diamond appears visually larger or smaller than its actual carat weight.

Kwiat Standards

A properly cut diamond will not have too much weight in hidden areas. The added weight increases the cost without giving the diamond a larger appearance. At Kwiat, we cut our diamonds to keep the carat weight in the right places. Each gem has the widest possible diameter to appear larger than other diamonds of comparable carat weight. And because of their superior cut, our diamonds will appear whiter than their GIA color grade. We call this the Kwiat Tiara® Cut.

Kwiat diamonds

  • 5.1 - 5.3mm
    1/2 CARAT
    4.8 - 5.0mm
  • 5.8 - 6.0mm
    3/4 CARAT
    5.6 - 5.8mm
  • 6.4 - 6.6mm
    1 CARAT
    6.2 - 6.4mm
  • 7.4 - 7.6mm
    1 1/2 CARAT
    7.1 - 7.3mm
  • 8.1 - 8.3mm
    2 CARAT
    7.9 - 8.1mm

Other diamonds

Diamond Color and Clarity

Diamond Color

Diamonds are rated on a color scale developed by the GIA, the world’s premier diamond grading nonprofit. The color grading system is based on the alphabet, beginning with the letter D and running all the way through Z. A grade of D is the best possible grade a diamond can receive, which translates to an absence of color. Diamonds with this grade tend to be the most rare and valuable.

Diamond Clarity

Clarity refers to the presence of imperfections, known as inclusions, in the crystal structure of the diamond. Nearly all diamonds contain some sort of inclusion, as they are part of a diamond’s characteristics and structure. An inclusion within a diamond is natural, and on the higher end of the clarity scale, does not take away from its beauty.


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How to Measure Your Finger

The most reliable way to determine your ring size is by measuring your finger with a ring gauge, which you can order for free via the link below. Begin with a ring that’s bigger than you think you need, then work your way down, one by one. When you reach a ring that feels right, make a note of its size. Then, try a half size smaller. If that feels too small, then go back up a half size to confirm which fits better. If you feel that one is too large and one is too small, then purchase the quarter size between the two sizes. For example, if size 6 feels too large and size 5.5 feels too small, purchase a size 5.75. If you purchase a ring and find it needs a little adjustment, don’t worry! We provide free ring sizing within 30 days of you receiving your order.


How to Measure Your Finger

Measure a Ring You Have

Another way to determine your ring size is by comparing a ring that fits you well with a chart of sizes. Our size chart explains how to do this.


How to Determine Your Bangle Size

Bracelet lengths Bangle measurements
5.5” 53 x 43 mm
6” 55 x 46 mm
6.5” 56 x 47 mm
6.75 – 7” 58 x 49 mm
Kwiat’s standard size
7.5” 60 x 50 mm

How to Determine Your Bangle Size

First measure the length of your favorite flexible linked bracelet. Then, in the table to the left, find the bangle size that best matches your bracelet length. Because most Kwiat bangles are oval in profile, diameters are measured in length and width.

If you don’t own a flexible bracelet that fits you well, use a soft measuring tape to determine your size—you can order a free one via the link to the left. Wrap the tape measure around your wrist over your wrist bone. Give it a little slack so that it feels like a bracelet would. Take note of the length, then find the coordinating bangle measurement in the table.


Which Necklace Length Is Right for You?

Stand in front of a mirror with a soft measuring tape—you can order a free one via the link below. Drape the tape around the back of your neck and pull it down to a point, the way a chain would hang with a pendant on it. Once you’ve got it at the length you’d want your necklace to be, note the measurement. A pendant will hang below this point, so remember to take that into consideration. If you are measuring for a necklace without a pendant, such as a piece from our Diamond Strings collection, let the bottom of the tape remain slightly rounded rather than pulling it to a point.

You can also use a piece of string or ribbon. Drape it around the back of your neck following the instructions above and cut it to the length you want. Then lay the string or ribbon along a ruler to determine your necklace length. If your ideal length falls between sizes we offer, we can customize a chain or necklace for you.


Which Necklace Length Is Right for You?