5-Stone Cluster Earrings with Pear Shape Diamonds


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The American Beauty collection combines diamond shapes in designs inspired by the Kwiat family heritage. These blossom-like earrings feature marquise and pear shapes, each stone masterfully cut to frame the face with unparalleled brilliance. The minimal platinum settings are a striking example of Kwiat craftsmanship and engineering—secure, lightweight, and ultra-comfortable to wear.

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Style #E-16210-0-DIA-PLAT
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About The American Beauty Collection

Kwiat family legend has it that Shirley Kwiat's favorite flower was the American Beauty rose. So her husband David created a necklace for her with clusters of diamond petals, blossoms that would last forever. This was the inspiration for a collection that continues the family tradition of expressing nature’s extraordinary beauty through the brilliance of diamonds. American Beauty jewels mix fancy diamond shapes—with a focus on pear and marquise—in glamorous designs with timeless appeal.